Jo Milmine The Golden Skein

Hi, my name’s Jo and I am the evil mastermind behind the Shinybees blog. In August 2012, I also became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a podcast for those whole like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Originally broadcast from the wild hinterland of Limpopo in South Africa, the show has been UK based since July 2013 and now calls Northern Scotland its home.

Mostly a knitter by crafty trade, I also sew, often with hilarious consequences. I’m not sure my Yoda-like Granny had this sort of stuff in mind when she taught me to knit almost a quarter of a century ago, but I reckon she would think light sabre knitting needles are amazing.


    1. Absolutely… What I haven’t told you yet is that there is a Slinkay blog post planned over the next few weeks – i’d LOVE to have one of your photos on here. Looking forward to the cake and more knit-chat!

  1. Knitting rows and rows of ‘scarf’ (which I never really moved past to be honest), supergran, card games and rice pudding! I was there, that’s my youth on a saturday afternoon covered!

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