Jo Milmine The Golden Skein

Hi, my name’s Jo and I am the evil mastermind behind the Shinybees blog. In August 2012, I also became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a knitting and crafting show, broadcast from the wild hinterland of Limpopo in South Africa. Being originally from the wild hinterland of North-West England, this suits me quite well.

I’m a 20-something (ok, thirty now) gin swilling, needle toting, cake eating, Blue Nun drinking, Sheltie owning, crafting mama with far more ambition than time and criminally short attention span. Luckily, I have a very lively sense of humour which enables me to deal with all these vices, as well as everyday life in rural South Africa. Mostly a knitter by crafty trade, I also sew a lot, often with hilarious consequences. I’m not sure my Yoda-like Granny had this sort of stuff in mind when she taught me to knit almost a quarter of a century ago, but I reckon she would think light sabre knitting needles are amazing.


    1. Absolutely… What I haven’t told you yet is that there is a Slinkay blog post planned over the next few weeks – i’d LOVE to have one of your photos on here. Looking forward to the cake and more knit-chat!

  1. Knitting rows and rows of ‘scarf’ (which I never really moved past to be honest), supergran, card games and rice pudding! I was there, that’s my youth on a saturday afternoon covered!

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