Jo Milmine The Golden Skein

I’m Jo Milmine. Originally from the north west of England, I currently call northern Scotland my home.

I’m predominantly a knitter by crafty persuasion, having returned to the craft when expecting my first child. I was taught to knit by my Scottish Granny when I was 5 years old. She was definitely in the ‘ninja knitter’ category. I’ve a weakness for South African merino and variegated yarns and a well documented love affair with self striping yarns; I also have a secret crush on the colour grey. I believe this is because grey allows the brights to take on a whole new glow.

I work as a consultant in the creative sector, providing business planning, strategy, coaching, digital marketing and project management services. I’m also a writer and copy editor. Following a successful career in the Armed Forces, I worked in defence consultancy, teaching and third sector project management in South Africa, before returning to the UK. I’m passionate about enterprise and supporting and encouraging those running their own businesses to achieve their goals. I also own The Golden Skein, home of luxury hand dyed knitting yarn clubs.

In August 2012, I became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Originally broadcast from the wild hinterland of Limpopo in South Africa, the show has been UK based since July 2013. I love to explore the journeys of designers, dyers and business owners who are making it work in the knitting industry. I balance this with enabling of the highest order and a healthy dose of humour, mostly in the form of weird and wonderful knitting patterns.

The name ‘Shinybees’ comes from my Scottish Granny. It was one of her nicknames for me as a child. Without hours of her patient guidance, needles in hand, most of the story above wouldn’t exist. I wonder what she’d make of what that hot water bottle cover turned into.


    1. Absolutely… What I haven’t told you yet is that there is a Slinkay blog post planned over the next few weeks – i’d LOVE to have one of your photos on here. Looking forward to the cake and more knit-chat!

  1. Knitting rows and rows of ‘scarf’ (which I never really moved past to be honest), supergran, card games and rice pudding! I was there, that’s my youth on a saturday afternoon covered!

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