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Episode 43: There’s a Short Row Technique For Everyone

Hap Progress!

Hap Progress!

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This week it’s all about short rows and wanton enabling on the podcast. On news matters, I’ll be accepting sponsors onto the podcast from next week. These will only be high quality and relevant sponsors – no payday loans or online casinos here! If you’re interested in sponsoring the podcast, contact me for more information.

Enablers’ Corner

Today we’re talking haps. Louise Scollay at KnitBritish is running a hap knit along over on her Ravelry group, where the chattiness has reached such epic proportions that I am too scared to even dive into the thread! The hashtag for social media is #hapalong and you can read lots of interesting information about the origin of the hap and its place in Shetland society over at Louise’s blog.

I am knitting ‘Aestlight’ by Gudrun Johnston, a traditional hap construction, in Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock wool in the colour way ‘Owl House’.

Come and join in the fun!


I’m back with another giveaway. This time, it’s a skein of Wollmeise and it’s on offer to Ravelry group members only. That’s not to say you can’t go and join right now and enter, of course. To be in with a chance to win, pop over to the thread on Ravelry and leave a comment telling me what your favourite bit of the podcast is. This will help me to see what you guys enjoy most and bring you more of it! The competition will close at 23:59 on 3 May 2015 and the winner will be chosen at random by our longtime friend, the Random Number Generator of Good Fortune.

The Sock Surgery with Clare Devine

This week, Clare joins us to talk about the short row heel. Love it or loathe it, unlike Marmite, there is a point in life to short rows, and Clare’s here to help you find the right one for you.

In keeping with the enabling you’ve become so used to, here are some great resources that Clare has shared with us.

Short Row Heels Pattern Pick

Image Details: 'Torrent' by Tin Can Knits. Image Copyright Tin Can Knits.

Image Details: ‘Torrent’ by Tin Can Knits. Image Copyright Tin Can Knits. Click here for Clare’s Pattern Pick on Short Row Heels.

Review of Andi Smith’s ‘Big Foot Knits’ plus a GIVEAWAY



That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!

Episode 42: Lete’s Knits – An Interview With Justyna Lorkowska

'Vampyre' by Justyna Lorkowska. Image Copyright Justyna Lorkorswka.

‘Vampyre’ by Justyna Lorkowska. Image Copyright Justyna Lorkorswka.

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Today we welcome Polish designer Justyna Lorkowska to the show in our latest entrepreneur interview. Justyna and I chatted at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, where she was launching a pattern kit with Victoria Magnus at Eden Cottage Yarns (you can hear from Victoria in Episode 21).

Justyna has a wide range of designs, encompassing both accessories and garments, with patterns for both children and men and women. If you are a fan of elegant texture and cables, she’ll almost certainly have something for you.


Episode 41: Baby Bums and Self Stripe

Max and Bodhi's Wardrobe by Tin Can Knits - out now! Image Copyright Tin Can Knits.

Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe by Tin Can Knits – out now! Image Copyright Tin Can Knits.

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Hello and welcome to a decidedly low sugar version of the podcast. I hope you are all getting over your Easter chocolate hangovers. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with feedback following Episode 40, which was an interview with Stephen West.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival has been announced for 2016 and the programme will start on 17th March with the teaching, and the show itself on the 18th and 19th of March (Friday and Saturday).

Enablers’ Corner

Tin Can Knits are back with a killer new collection of supremely cute baby wear, with some matchy matchy patterns for the grown ups too. Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe consists of six patterns, three of which go up to adult size. The first pattern, Playdate, has already been released, with the rest on a two-weekly schedule.

The collection is available now, at $14 for the e-book and $18 + shipping for the print copy plus ebook.

Max and Bodhi's Wardrobe - Playdate Cardigan.  Image Copyright Tin Can Knits.

Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe – Playdate Cardigan. Image Copyright Tin Can Knits.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

Kunye is the first pattern off the needles and finished. This was knitted in Five Moons Diana 4ply in ‘Fools’ Gold’, a 50% merino, 50% silk blend, with Miyuki triangle 5.0 beads for the edging.

Edging of Kunye whilst blocking.

Edging of Kunye whilst blocking.

Quadratic by David O’ Kelly is finished. This was knitted in DyeForYarn Merino Camel fingering in the colour way ‘Tornado Over London’ and Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the colour way ‘Fruits of Summer.’

The Basic Baby Hat by Heather Tucker has been on and off the needles twice for two baby hats for a couple of friend’s babies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ongoing projects

Painted by Louise Zass-Bangham is on the needles. You can find out all about it here. The yarn is from The Golden Skein.

'Painted' in BaT'at Hullabaloo from The Golden Skein.

‘Painted’ in BaT’at Hullabaloo from The Golden Skein.

Lapsang by Clare Devine is on the needles again, as a gift for Sam’s nursery teacher. It’s being knitted in Eden Cottage Yarns Whitfell Chunky, 100% baby alpaca.

The Sock Surgery

This week is all about self-striping yarns. If you are easily enabled, you may want to skip through this section.

Clare’s recommendations for self stripe emporiums are:

The Knitting Swede

The Knitting Goddess


Trailing Clouds

Desert Vista Dyeworks

Twisted Limone

Gynx Yarns

West Yorkshire Spinners


Jo added:

Schoppel Wolle

Fab Funky Fibres

Berry Colorful Yarnings


There is a giveaway this episode, kindly sponsored by Tanya at The Knitting Swede. Head over to the Ravelry group and enter in the giveaway thread. Entries close on 19th April.


Join us next time for an interview with Justyna Lorkowska.

Episode 40: The Prince of Brioche – An Interview With Stephen West

'Thighlighters' by Stephen West. Image Copyright Westknits.

‘Thighlighters’ by Stephen West. Image Copyright Westknits.

A chat with Westknits at Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

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Don your finest swants my friends, because it’s time to pull up a pew and chat with Stephen West. Edinburgh Yarn Festival was the venue and Westy brought his A game when it came to the brioche.


Episode 39: Of Socks and Discworld – A Knitty Homage to Sir Terry Pratchett


Image Details: IMG_0543 by cherryred2001, via Flickr

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This episode is a knitty homage to my favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett. In Enablers’ Corner, there’s a little rundown of the first quarter of The Golden Skein. The Pattern Pick, somewhat unsurprisingly, takes its inspiration from Discworld. Then the Sock Surgery returns with some chat about Afterthought Heels and a review of Sock Architecture by Lara Neel.


Episode 38: Socks by Day, Science by Night – An Interview with Louise Tilbrook

'Silver Birch' by Louise Tilbrook, from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 7, Winter 2013. Image Copyright Juju Vail.

‘Silver Birch’ by Louise Tilbrook, from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 7, Winter 2013. Image Copyright Juju Vail.

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Welcome back for another episode of the show! The post-EYF fog is just about clearing and it’s time to get back into the swing of things with the podcast.


Episode 37: Wardrobe Malfunction – What to Do When Your Knitting is Not Finished in Time


Image Details: ‘wardrobe’ by Jen Collins, via Flickr.

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This episode has a lot of excitement for Edinburgh Yarn Festival. There’s also my top tips for what you can do if you don’t finish knitting your wardrobe in time for knitty events. Clare and Kate return to talk about finishing and caring for your socks and we have a wee giveaway from our favourite Edinburgh indie vintage yarn queen, Jess James of Ginger Twist Studio.