You can take our acrylic…

But you’ll never take our freeeeeeeedddddoooommm!

brave heart

Image Details: ‘brave heart’ by lcampos37, via Flickr.

It all started with a little TV appearance on BBC Breakfast by Lauren, aka Deadly Knitshade of Stitch London fame, who appeared at a fairly ungodly hour to chat about knitting. She cracked on with a rather bright scarf, maintaining a cheery demeanour – no mean feat at that time in a morning, I’m sure – and giving her opinion on knitting. Clearly, though, some people thought she wasn’t taking all this knitting lark seriously enough. Heaven forbid she rocks up on TV with blue hair and knits something out of acrylic. You would think she had turned up on TV and garotted a baby dove with her circulars (rather than be accompanied by an entirely intact and unharmed Cooey the knitted pigeon) the way some folk were going on.

There have been several posts on other blogs along with some very eloquent come-backs from Lauren on the Ravelry boards, so I am going to resist the urge to vent about it here. Instead, I present to thee my Scarf of Doom, knitted, rather aptly I thought, in Twilley’s Freedom. It’s 100% wool, as I do not have any chunky acrylic in my stash, but I know the other members of the Knitting Revolution won’t berate me for it. Cos that’s how they roll.

Flying free in the breeze!

Even the comedically large beetle thingy likes it. Think it's eating the wool though...

Who needs a 100% chunky wool scarf in this weather? Not me....!

Equal Opportunities Statement

The Shinybees Blog values all knitter’s contributions, regardless of colour, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, disability or age. No-one shall be disadvantaged due to yarn choices, dropped stitches, ‘fugly’ patterns or imperfect tension, nor will anyone be afforded the right to judge other knitter’s contributions based on these factors. We knit for the love of it and aim to create an inclusive environment for all. If you don’t want to get down with this program, align yourself with trolls, haters or anyone who misappropriates the ‘disagree’ button on Ravelry, because random disagreeing bloody annoys me, get off my blog. You aren’t welcome and I’ll delete all your comments. Go on. Shoo.


    1. Thanks! I had to really hold myself back from a ranty tirade. There were some really nasty comments made, all over an acrylic scarf. Perspective, please, people. Share the love!

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